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Tower Clock

Tower Clocks serve as the time keepers of the public holding their heads high above the others they add an elegant touch to the elevation of the building. When aesthetically mounted, they can impart quite a difference to the overall look of any construction.

Tower clock movements

We manufacture and supply clock movements as per customer specifications.

Floral Clock

We also have the expertise for manufacturing floral clocks of any size that can be used for beautifying landscapes, parks, home gardens etc. These are weather proof and maintenance free. We provide GPS based floral clocks with automatic time correction features.

GPS Floral Clock Movement

  • Water Resistant & weather proof
  • As per customer specification ( Any size)

Other Components

  • GPS enabled bell/ Time Striking unit
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Power Supply units
  • Indoor clock movement suitable for clock diameter (2 Ft & above)